Sunday, 7 September 2014

Back To School-Not!

Well while pretty much everyone was "Back To School" on Tuesday/Wednesday this week we had a far different week!
On Monday we met up with a few other HE families in Lancashire, it was a bit of a juice guzzling trip in our Jeep, but we had a fab time comparing notes on what we "do" to Home Ed.
The kids were ranging from 10 months to teenagers.  They played keyboard, squeezed into the trampoline, snacked, pogo stick-ed and generally "socialised"!

On Tuesday I tried (mistakenly) to give our day a little more structure oops, note to self, "we're deschooling!!!!!".
So after a go at Reading Eggs and Math Seeds...

I got out a couple of worksheets/workbooks, huge refusal!!

So we relaxed and I backed down a little..
In the afternoon we did a couple of experiments- sodium bicarbonate and vinegar volcano and raisins bobbing in lemonade (thanks Aunty Jacky for the kit <3 )

On Wednesday we went on the Door To Door Ministry as part of our activities as Jehovah's Witnesses, we enjoy this as it help us to understand about other people and their beliefs, and help to encourage the children's social skills.
Thursday passed in a blur but on Friday we went to a fairly local HE Not Back To School picnic at Wolseley Bridge Nature Reserve

Weather was lovely and we met up with other new and established Home Edders

Bye for now!

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