Saturday, 16 August 2014

No! We haven't been away on holiday!!

Well we've been so crazy busy these last few weeks, guess who has forgotten about blogging :(
So let's just take a look at the last weeks adventures...

This was taken at Fordhall Organic Farm, Market Drayton, Shropshire.  

By the year 2000 this well established organic farm was under serious threat from big business and bulldozers.  Now it    
is England's first community owned farm with one farmer Ben, and no fewer than 8,000 landlords, a number that is increasing all the time!
We had a fantastic morning out!

Jellybop and Legoboy joined in the restoration of a Cobb pig using clay, water and straw, all squished together by wellied feet! 

Jellybop met up with a lovely friend who we haven't seen for ages and got seriously muddy!

Legoboy enjoyed climbing on the tractor and seeing the Gloucester Old Spots too.

To be honest there were so many fab things going on it would take forever to tell.  Suffice it to say this won't be our last visit.

Yesterday we were back in Shropshire visiting family.  We ventured down to the River Tern for a spot of impromptu 'fishing'. 

Using a milk carton with the top ⅓ cut off and garden twine for a handle, the children hurled their fish catchers into the water.  

They found a water boatman, but then dinner was calling, so we headed back.

Finally today was declared a Pyjama Day.. I expected the kids not to do much after a really hectic week, but in true Jellybop fashion, a stall was set up in the living room to 'sell' dvd's that no-one wanted any longer.  It wasn't long before our budding Business people had a table on the drive with a sign saying "Yard Sale"
They played for four hours, setting up their stall, requesting 'stock' for the stall from willing grandparents, deciding on marketing tactics and customer incentives.
At the end of the day they had earned £4.34 to donate to the RSPCA.
They plan on trying again tomorrow too.

Daddy is off work next week and more adventures are afoot...

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