Friday, 25 July 2014

Relax! Just relax!

Okay so I've hit a hiccup!  Been a little tense to say the least.  This hot weather, Grrrrr, bedtimes for the kids seem to be non-existent :(
After sharing my displeasure on a couple of HE Facegroup groups, I decided I had to relax!  So what if Jellybop only wants to watch TV or hang out at Nana and Grandads!?  Legoboy has always been able to entertain himself so I guess it's a matter of time for Jellybop.  Today was payday of sorts, so we went out for McDonalds breakfast then food shopping. In the supermarket they had this cardboard thingy
So we had to have a photoshoot!
Then we spotted some rainy day purchases...
One wasn't quite saved for a rainy day, we've watched Lego Movie twice today!
I also spotted these Berol pens and was sorely tempted, £10 is that a bargain?  
Might go back for them!
We did head off to

A lovely swimming place, no place for lane swimmers but awesome for kids!
Off to get a good nights sleep soon, thanks for reading!

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